Half of all psychological disorders have their onset before the age of 14 years, and young men and boys represent the group at highest risk of mental health problems in Australia. Some people think the only way to promote wellbeing is through physical activity and one-on-one counselling, but new advances in technology have allowed effective resilience interventions to be delivered online to help thousands of boys for the same cost.

One of BlueFit’s own coaches was selected a one of the online mentors in this program, helping to show the next generation of boys the tools and techniques to help them become resilient. Chris, 18, helped to show that even national swimmers like himself have had to be resilient through their careers, and helped thousands of young men follow in his footsteps. The program has been adopted by high-performance teams (e.g., the Illawarra Academy of Sport) and has partnered with the AFL, FFA, Swimming Australia, and Tennis Australia to name a few.

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