Every quarter we update our group fitness timetable based on class attendance and member feedback.
It is very important that all members that participate in a class are registered in and have a valid ticket – this will show the correct number of participants in a class and will help us with assessing the numbers and the decision making for every group fitness timetable.

Class Numbers and Tickets
If you would like to participate in a class you must obtain a ticket for the class from reception. The ticket must then be given to the instructor at the beginning of the class as the group fitness instructor is required to check tickets to ensure we remain within class capacity.

Group Fitness Entry:
Please be aware that the following rules apply to ALL group fitness classes.
· After 3 minutes past class start – No more tickets will be issued

· After 5 minutes past class start – Entry is not permitted.

While we understand that there are various reason people may run late to classes, we must be consistent to ensure safety and enjoyment of the classes for all members and patrons.

How to collect a ticket? When you scan in at the reception desk simply let the receptionist know what class or classes you plan to do and a ticket will be given for you. A staff member will collect your ticket at the beginning of the class.

How early can I collect tickets? Tickets will be available up to 2 hours before the class is due to begin. You must be on site to be able to collect a ticket.

Why do we have tickets? The tickets will not only allow us to monitor class numbers more effectively but ensure that classes do not exceed their maximum capacity. Tickets will not be available after 3 minutes past the start time.

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