Nutrition plays such an important role in shaping how we look & feel. Coming to the gym is just one part of the overall picture, so its important that we are feeding our body the right fuel to keep us going and to get results!

The BlueFit Team are excited to launch our nutrition seminars this month, as we know the journey to health and wellness can be daunting and often confusing. The aim of our seminars is to complement the hard work you are doing in the gym by helping you make better choices with your diet.

These interactive seminars are designed to not only be informative but to give you healthy solutions you can implement in your everyday life. Throughout the seminar you will get to sample foods, ask questions and take home recipes the whole family can try.

​The seminar will be championed by accredited dietitian Shannon Lavery who has over 10 years experience across a broad variety of fields including clinical nutrition, public health and food industry. Shannon has previously worked for Sydney based Hospitals including Royal North Shore and St Vincent’s, as well as 4 years working with Diabetes Australia and consulting to various food industry clients.

Our nutrition seminars are for health club members only and are free as they are part of our 5 step success program all members receive on joining.

You may bring along friends and family if you feel they will benefit from this session, however they will also need to be booked in.

The seminar will be held on Thursday 23rd March 7.30pm in the group fitness room.

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