The photos attached show Rachel’s journey with the first being taken in October 2018, the 2nd was taken January 2019, the third taken March 2019 and the forth was taken May 2019.









PT Izzy: “I am SUPER DOPER PROUD of her achievements. She is still smashing it in the gym and goals! She has come a very long way!”

Why did you start training or want a personal trainer?

“I was out to dinner with my mother, brother who are both very fit themselves and we asked the waiter to take a photo, when I got home and looked at the picture I didn’t recognise myself, I saw someone who wasn’t happy and honestly didn’t realise how much I had let myself go.. I cried. But the next day I woke up and decided I wasn’t going to cry anymore I was going to do something about it, I went to BlueFit and signed my kids up for swimming lessons and decided that I would go and sign up for the gym too!! I went home and threw away all the junk food in the house because this was the start.

The next week I met Izzy for my orientation and I broke down I got on the scales and saw 3 digits, something I thought I would never see and this was my full realisation that there was a time for me to change and talking to Izzy made me feel comfortable and made me feel that it’s ok to cry because you could also be someone I talk to.. I knew I wanted you to be my PT.”

How much weight/measurements you’ve lost in total?

“The first weigh-in in October 2018 I weighed 102kgs I now weigh 72kgs in July 2019. And to date, I have lost 100cm all over. I want to lose another 7kg but also want to focus on building muscle and toning up all around.”

Why do you like training with Izzy?

“From day one made me feel like it was okay to cry and that I shouldn’t be upset with myself because I have made the first big step by joining the gym.. since the first session you made me feel comfortable and pushed me because u knew I had more capability then I knew I could ever have.. you gave me the confidence to be able to come to the gym by myself.. I would look forward to every session as I knew I was going to come in and get results but also have an hour of laughter and good conversation while being pushed and knowing the next day I was going to be burning and in saying that I like to talk and talk a lot but when I started to get distracted you always made sure to get me back on track. You pushed me and showed me that my strength and ability was more then I could ever imagine, you have taught me about how to train what to train and how to do it properly! I stopped my sessions with you for a while but I missed you because I knew I had a lot more to learn and I knew you would be the one to teach me what I need to achieve my goals… and that you encourage me to push myself and work hard because you want me to reach my goals as much as I do.”

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