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BlueFit Swimming Lessons at Lane Cove Aquatic

Bluefit Swimming

Are you after a fun activity for your children to get involved in, or a way to boost your own fitness and confidence in the water? BlueFit swimming school is now open at Lane Cove Aquatic, offering lessons to people of all ages and abilities.

The BlueFit Learn to Swim program at Lane Cove Aquatic is specifically designed for children, with experienced and friendly swimming instructors guiding your child through their journey. The aquatic program runs throughout the year (instead of just during the school term) meaning your child can continue having fun in the water during the school holidays as well. 

From infant classes that focus on having fun in the water to school-aged classes where your little one will start to learn specific techniques and strokes, there is endless room for progression and growth with BlueFit classes. BlueFit also offers classes for teenagers, whether they’re a complete beginner with a fear of the water or a more seasoned swimmer looking to build their stamina or endurance.

Whether you wish to equip your child with vital life skills or simply provide them with a fun, social activity, BlueFit classes at Lane Cove Aquatic are the go-to choice.

Why BlueFit should be your first choice

  • Affordable lessons – we believe everyone should have access to swimming

  • Free access to Lane Cove Aquatic outside of lessons

  • Small class sizes to allow for a direct learning experience

  • Make up classes available in case any classes are missed

  • Generous multi child and multi lesson discount

  • Enjoyable classes that foster a love of swimming

  • Clear progression from babies through to swim club and squad – swimming is a lifelong passion

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Join the adult’s swimming club at Lane Cove Aquatic

BlueFit also caters to adults who have a fear of the water, wish to develop their skills or just never had the chance to learn swimming. We firmly believe it’s never too late to learn, and that people of all ages and abilities can start to feel at home in the water. Three different levels are available to adults depending on your existing confidence and skills. 

BlueFit also offers classes for special needs learners, which start off as one-on-one lessons but aim to eventually integrate students into group settings. Developing water confidence while allowing students to be social and active, these classes will soon become your loved one’s favourite activity.

From working on your fitness to breaking out of your comfort zone, BlueFit classes suit a variety of different goals and motivations. All our coaches and instructors are fully qualified, and are selected based on their knowledge, skills and ability to make learners feel comfortable, safe and supported in the water.

To enquire about BlueFit classes available at Lane Cove Aquatic, call our office or email us directly at