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How BlueFit & Lane Cove Council Are Working Together For A Renewable Future

Our support council, Lane Cove has been working hard to ensure our community produces a sustainably friendly future. From 1 July 2022, Lane Cove Council’s electricity supply will be 100% renewable after the council signed up for one of the largest ever renewable energy deals involving local governments.

Lane Cove Council, along with 24 other participating councils, will have power supplied to their facilities by three NSW solar farms. Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) brokered the deal with electricity retailer ZEN Energy Retail Pty Ltd. (ZEN Energy).

This renewable energy deal combined with Council’s other energy-saving projects will see Council achieve a decrease of 73% in emissions, against the 2036 target for 80% reduced emissions.

The Lane Cove Aquatic and Leisure Centre is Council’s largest electricity user site, representing approximately 34% of Council’s total electricity consumption. Under the lease agreement, BlueFit are responsible for the cost of electricity and are therefore free to procure electricity how they determine.

BlueFit recognise and support Council’s desire to switch to 100% renewable energy and agreed to break their existing fixed price (non-renewable energy) contract expiring in June 2023. This will be executed at BlueFit’s cost and enable the Lane Cove Aquatic and Leisure Centre to join the SSROC contract on 1 July 2022.

Council’s strategy to date in relation to renewable energy has been to reduce energy use through more efficient lighting (all buildings and car parks utilise LED lighting) and plant (power correction devices, energy-efficient air conditioning, pool filters etc) and install solar photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate renewable energy onsite.

The Lane Cove Aquatic Centre included a 63kW solar PV on the new grandstand. Council will be utilising new lightweight 88kW solar PV on the main roof of the indoor pool in the current final year, bringing the combined solar PV to 151kW.

We recognise how important creating an energy-efficient and renewable future and this is a big step for our facility!




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