Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

Did you know that 276 lost their lives to drowning in Australia last year?

As we head into warmer weather let’s work together to keep our children safe. Please make sure you actively supervise your children at the Centre. That means being in the water with them if they are under 5 or weak swimmers. For older children please watch them at all times and avoid distractions such as mobile phones.

Below are prevention strategies of drowning from Royal Life Saving:

  • Parents or carers actively supervise children when they are in, on or around water
  • Be aware of pre-existing medical conditions and physical limitations that may affect swimming and aquatic activities
  • Understand the possible adverse effects of medications you may be taking
  • Follow safety rules displayed around the pool area
  • Follow directions issued by staff and lifeguards
  • Inform a lifeguard if a non-swimmer, or of any relevant medical conditions
  • Learn swimming and water safety skills (find out about our BlueFit Swimming program here)
  • You can see Royal Life Saving’s 10 Year Analysis on Drowning here for more information.
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